The Etiquettes of Cycling Through the Roads

With economic conditions changing and the liberalization of economies, our society and ethos, is changing as well and the change is for the good and bad. The good being we are able to access the many luxuries of life in as early as in our 20’s. But on the flip side, the boundaries of respect and value for life, is missing from our daily lives.

Something as simple as respect for a fellow commuter on the roads as well. Drivers in cycle lanes, cyclists on pavements, pedestrians in cycle lanes, cyclists running red lights, drivers speeding the list is never ending. In this fast-paced self-centered and self-important society, we cyclists are often ignored as living beings and forced to be on the receiving end of the speeding traffic. Sure, we must look out for ourselves but at what costs? What does it cost to look out for others? Is this what we really want?

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